I’m inspired by two things: the idea that we’re out here dying for being ourselves and selfies.
The Nokia 7650 was the first camera phone sold in the US and the jumping off point of a culture. In 2017 we’re able to shoot ourselves from certain angles, edit ourselves to our liking, and put our best selves on display for everyone to see.
Shout outs to social media and the culture of flexing that’s come from it. But those ugly photos are still you. Those ugly angles are still you. And what America deems ugly is still it, despite the angles it chooses to show.
I wanted to make a song that sounded like gunshots and camera shots and this is what we came up with. I am a Bay Area artist by the name of The Boyscout, TORO and this track as well as the entire project was produced by Daoud.


Music Monday! Phife (RIP) – Nutshell (prod. by J Dilla)

Phife – Nutshell (prod. by J Dilla)

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(Malik Taylor, James Yancey)
Produced by J Dilla
Scratches by Dj Rasta Root
Smokin’ Needles Records 2016
Engineered/Vocal Production by Jon Bonus
Recorded at Side 3 Studios
Mixed by Morgan Garcia
Mastered by Michael Romanowski
Executive Produced by 
Dion Liverpool
Directed by 
Tony Reames
Director of Photography 
Nick Lauinger
Geran Daniels 1st Assistant Camera 
Rosa Islas 2nd Assistant Camera 
Kenny Wallace Property Manager
Omar Farlow Still Photographer
Tymm Hoffman TymmText
Joe Stu
Jamal St. Cyr
Special Thanks to Mike G, Pos, Jarobi, Pete Rock, Maseo, Rakim, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Q-Tip and Redman.
Thanks to Dj Nabs, Kangol Kid, J-live, Jamal, Dres tha Beatnik, Prince Po, Dave (Plug 2), Rapper Big Pooh, Busy Bee, Don Newkirk, Dinco D, Greg Nice, Talib Kweli, Just Blaze, Ras Kass, Dante Ross, Prince Paul
Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow
Thanks to Mom,Dad,Uncle Russ,Zack,Nikki,Dizzle,The Smith Family (Evan,Kia,Kira,Kaylia),Ashlee, Mark ‘Poon’ Chan, Morgan Garcia, Tony Reames & team, Pillows, Mark Woods, Dion & The Liverpool family, The DeLong Family, all family & friends
dedicated 2 
Granny Boyce,Uncle Kenny, Frank Liverpool Dave,Fudge Darcelin, Baby Chris Lighty & J Dilla!!!
From the forthcoming EP 
‘Give Thanks’ 
On Smokin Needles Records



Phife Nutshell 3

Music Monday! Meal Ticket featuring Sammy Bananas – Group Sax EP


Ladies and Gentlemen, Teenage Riot Records returns to the drive thru with the second single “Group Sax” from Meal Ticket, the #1 Super Sized combo of Bird Peterson (Mad Decent, TX) and Mike The 2600 King (BLRSQ, MN), with a special side of Sammy Bananas (Fools Gold, NY)! The Meal Men have joined forces to bring both sets of skills to the table: Mike’s catalog of funk glory and Bird’s tendencies to get overly turnt. “Group Sax” is a SAX-y floor stomper that combines elements from all things funky to create another timeless banger! It’s soulful, it’s sexy, and it’s prime for some ass shaking, and its slathered with a rich woodwind sauce that the sax man Sammy B prepared. Added to the package is a hip hop flip with banging vocals courtesy of Austin super friends Space Camp Death Squad, and brother, IT’S HOT FIRE!!!!! Also included is a bonus beat (for the DJ who loves to get wacky). This is the the next window of a partnership that’s going to put the “HOT” back in “IT’S REALLY HOT IN THIS CLUB AND IT’S ALL THANKS TO THOSE MEAL TICKET BOYS”, so get ready!!!! – TRR Management