Aaron Robinson PKA Rush-One (the interview) | #TRUE20


1. Name, position at True & dates worked there?

(dont worry about my government)

Rush One, Rushy, Rush Uno, Rushmatic, Joshs headache, MiniMike, Rush Diddy, Rushy flaco, Rush da 5’10, Rushy fiasco, Rushmatic etc etc
work: worked there from 2005-2009
Position: True stallion

2. Work experience prior to working at True & what is your current occupation and employer?

Damn,…ok, y’all getting personal now,…Now heres the heads up….My homie Marcie gave y’all that sentimental love ish……I’m a little different (s/o MARS)…but peep game. B4 True…i was working at borders bookstore (rip not really) then jamba juice and would spend all my hard earned smoothie money at @tTRUE to get fresh in my helly hanson/triple 5 soul/wu-tang wallys/mecca/enyce/wu wear ETC ETC…(DONT YOU DARE LAUGH LOL!!! that was the shit back in those days…..dont lie to yourself) to look dipped for these high school girls and shit. I would come by once a month and drop my resume at TRUE cause fuck jamba juice ya dig, but i guess that shit paid off cause my aces Spanks (Diamond supply co), Joey (Diamond supply Co) and Eric Ross (Milk Bar/Red Five) Josh (10deep) Jerneye (Lunar Haights) AJ (Dj Supreme) had my back LOL. (TRUE ALUMNI).
Well, you nosey people……l’m currently writing a screenplay, bartending/catering, and working on an album called “S.I.N.S” (sorry im not sorry) but after #TRUE I’ve worked for Apple, Tiffany & Co, Google, Nike, Adidas….believe me…….I’ve seen it……next question bitches.

3. Fondest memory of your time working at True?

This actually bleeds into the last question….i have hella fond memories of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with in life….MARCIE, MIKE B, SPANKS, JOSH, AJ, HERNEYE, ROMEO, ADBUL, MITCH, GEE, CHAPIN, HIRO, CARL, LIL JEREMY, TODD, LEVI, JENELLE, JEN, PAMELA, GRACE ;-), MO, CAM, RITA, EVEL, ROMMEL, CARLOS, BRANDON, JEN (sorry if i left out anybody mah bad). But this is probably the longest running real streetwear store in San Francisco!! Pay homage young niggaz…….NEHOW….my BEST DAY was probably getting a call from @joshing_uno (Josh, who told me i got the job and i started that next week in 2005.) Little did he know tho…..for the next 4 plus years (i would make him become vegan, lose hair, and grow a shaggy beard to replace it lol jk). We would become best friends and I would rapid fire push his bottons like DAIGO or MIKE ROSS at a street fighter 4 EVO tournment LOL (seriously it was hilarious). OKOK,….I mean this is b4 the fire, (sidenote: my Dad, who is SFFD PUT THAT FIRE OUT AND CALLED ME THE NEXT MORNING, but lets keep it pushing) this is 4 stores deep shit (S/O TO WALNUT CREEK), running around Haight St like we didnt know anything else. (BTW i miss the all u females who worked around the hood #muah #rushystilllovesyou…i see you ;-). NOW THIS NEXT ONE IS GOING DOWN IN THE RECORD BOOKS….SO,…Mike Brown walks in roasting everybody like he always does….(hold on chick just texted and im tryin to see what up at 318am.) Ok ok…..pushing Cam’ron on pause…gotta dip (to be continued)…….

Okok dead serious, just got back the next day 😉 lets continue,..i feel like black deadpool and shit cause im talking to yall breaking the 4th wall like I know u LMFAO (whatever)..NEHOW….So, Mike B leaves his glasses and fisherman hat in the mens store on the back counter, and im thinking? Yo, why did bossman do that? and i got the bright idea to put on his shit and parade around the store talking EPIC EPIC EPIC AMOUNTS OF SHIT TO EVERYBODY AS MIKE BROWN! TALKING THE MOST SHIT I COULD MUSTER UP TO EVERYBODY IN MY PATH AS THIS MAN (Believe me, it was hilarious)…..My manager Romeo almost shit a brick laughing and goes “brah, youre about to get fired!” Josh damn near lost his eyeballs….i mean, come on….Mike B (the ROAST KING) walks in and sees me killing it and goes “WOW really?!?!?!?,”…..speechless and walks out with the biggest laughing smile I’ve EVER seen……(BTW, Mike is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, hilarious people I’ve ever met so for me to even impersonate him for 10min was an honor.)…..next question.
wait,…….side note!! that “KINDA A BIG DEAL” T-SHIRT yep, im that dude who started that so thats up there lol!!

Next question poppa…..

4. Worst memory of your time working at True?

LOL, well, it had to of been when i found out Adbul was the goddamn prince of the Philippines and didnt tell me that he had the fliest Audi TT but chose to live like us peasant folk…i was the last 2 find out (true rushy story’s.) LOL jkjk love you fambam……Naw,…keep it 100…..One day b4 work i found out that this weak ass ex cheated to me but still showed up to work even tho my heart was shattered to pieces and could of called in sick cause that how i felt but MY TRUE FAM had my back and gave me the strength i needed to make it through that day #squad.

Scond runner up:….some fucc nigga who I had beef with came in and tried to get brolic….He came in while I was behind the counter and flipped my hat on the floor and wanted to catch a fade….BUT instead of beating the brakes off the “gentleman” right there my #TRUEHOMIES held me down. (caught up to em later tho LOL shhhhhhh)
next question….


5. Tell me about some of the people you met while working at True, customers & co-workers. Any good stories?

OHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIITTTTTT, y’all wanna see a dead body?!?! jkjkjkjkjk….nah, keepin it 100 ladies and gents….We’ve all met countless celebs coming in and we never geek out….there normal people just like you and I but, my favorite story at tha shop was Dave Chappelle pt2!!!!! peep game….. SOOOOOOOO, Dave comes in and hes super cool, we say what up and let him go about his bizness. He chills for a min than goes to Stussy (S/O TO THE STUSSYSF FAMILY. #RIP) NOW the running joke was I kinda look like Dave sooooooooo Romeo is like “Hey, just go up to him and ask if you look alike?” (Fucking Romeo) so I go in stussy and tap dave on the shoulder with that question…..he goes “NAHHHHHHHHHH” in that Chappelle voice……i take off my glasses and hat AND right as hes suppose to go “NAHHHH” again,….his assistant goes,…..*pssssst* “HE DOES KINDA LOOK LIKE YOU.” NOW WERE ALL IN TEARS…….he goes:

ME: SURE FAM!! LOL will do……
DAVE CHAPPELLE: COME BY THE SHOW TONIGHT!! (to his assistant) take his info
ME: THANKS DAVE!!! (awe struck like, that really just happened) BTW S/O TO MOS DEF!!! he saw the whole thing LOL.

LOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGG story short…..went to the show @punchlinesf and its ranking up there with one of the best storys of my life. That night i went with one of my best friends Alex Valdmin who owned @Homeroom and we sat next to Gwen Stefani, Kent (owner of FTC), his buddy from Columbia records and Mos Def in the best seats in the house.
nigga next question….

6. What did you learn (if anything) during your time working at True that continues to be useful to you today?

come on,……..lets keep it 100, you better have thick skin…..ahhhhh the golden days…well, you missed it…..but hey, TRUE is the BEST retail mom and pop, best shit talking fraternity/sorority, with balls of steel that will always back that shit up! True has been an est for 20 years now…bow down and recognize greatness cause at the end of the day…..i see some of yall out here…..my niggas rize and shine…..yall niggas rize and FLOP. Damn, cant belive it been 20 years of nothing special….were the best of the worst!
next question……

7. Any advice to future employees or customers of True?

Really? really? really? These people have been my brothers and sisters for over a decade….they morally made me who I am. Hey youngsta, listen more and talk less unless you gotta million dollar mouthpiece like RushDiddy (but chances are you dont sadly).. But honestly tho times have changed. We saw the beginning of this culture and have had our foots on its neck for probably longer than youve been alive. Alot of us went on to find success and happiness in bigger markets because were always still learning/growing and literally we always stayed TRUE to our goals and motivations. Thats what this place teaches you. You have to start somewhere and this is a great place to start if you think you’re bout dat life LOL. . Regardless, whatever you’re gonna be, just be the fucking best at it and you’re gonna attract the best….I never had older brothers or sisters but I got over 15 of em now thanks to this place. Welcome if your ready. Choose wisely Doctor Jones (short round Romeo Aberto would agree LOL) *MIC DROPPED* OUTTIE!!!!!

P.s…if you see Mike ask him about his shoe closet…..he’ll love that, also while Aj is working, come in and unfold hella T-shirts and see what happens…..Josh and Abdul aren’t around anymore, but i could gave you a million ways to fuck with those 2…have fun…peace ya’ll

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HAPPY 20 YEAR to my extended family!!!

Mind Motion rocks the party!


State your stage name and profession for the record.
DJ Mind Motion (Pirate DJs)
Full-Time DJ

How long have you been DJing? Do you remember your first DJ gig?

About 26 years
First Solo gig… The Nightbreak on Haight Street SF

What’s your favorite DJ era in the Bay Area and why?

3 favorite Eras:
1992-1998 The Golden Era (Hip Hop became the power in music)

2000-2008 Hip Hop branches off (more genre of hip hop music)

Now: Breaking new music (Hip Hop new generation)

4. You’re on stage in front of all your heroes and you gotta rock a 5 minute all vinyl set to prove your worthiness. What records do you choose?

Pirate DJs “IBS” records


Cream Of Beat is a Bay Area institution. Talk about the history and influence that COB has had over the years and what it means to the Bay to still have it around to this day?

Cream of Beat was started back in 1992-93 by DJ Ivan, Rolo 1-3, Dark Money, Nev Da Reb and myself due to lack of Bay Area clubs supporting Hip Hop. We took it upon ourselves to create a style of party where all hip hop heads and artist could party to the music and celebrate the breakout culture. Before Cream of Beat hip hop was only played like it small bars and underground parties. We brought it out in a massive way here in the Bay Area. I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for Cream of Beat, hip hop would not be played in the clubs in the Bay Area today. (Hahaha… Ok, maybe they would have)

— “Before Cream of Beat hip hop was only played like it small bars and underground parties. We brought it out in a massive way here in the Bay Area.” —


Favorite burrito joint?

El Toro

Jordan or Kobe?


Any special plans for Dre Day coming up? Some tanqueray and chronic perhaps?

To show that Dr. Dre existed before Eminem (Hahaha). A lot of people today don’t know about the early Dr. Dre.


Drop some shout outs and where folks can find you on social media.

Shout out to all the DJS that really like to DJ… not just a fad.

Twitter: @djmindmotion
Instagram: @djmindmotion
Facebook Fan Page: dj mind motion


COOL ASS LIFE | An interview with Mike Baker The Bike Maker

(art by Sofia Chang)

TRUE fam and HONOR ROLL honoree Mike Baker has a new album out (buy it here, now), and it’s figgidy fresh. I’d tell you a buncha stuff about him, but he did it himself, cuz I asked him the right questions, about himself. Anyway, you get the idea — read on…
Congrats on the release of ‘Cool Ass Life’. Let’s talk a little about this release. Do you, Mike Baker, Thee Bike Maker, lead…a COOL ASS LIFE?
The title of this album came from being in a dark place musically. Things weren’t really moving creatively, but I was enjoying life in other aspects. I came to the realization that all the fun and excitement I was having in the rest of my life, I should be injecting into my music. That’s when things started to take shape and manifest into the album you hear today. It took like 3 years, but better late than never.
So long story short, yeah, I lead a COOL ASS LIFE, indeed.
Honor Roll baby. Speak on it. You know, the history n’ shit. For those that don’t know.
The Honor Roll (or HNRL for short) is a collective of individual artists that come together to create amazing music in the form of a Voltron similar to early Wu-Tang, Death Row and Dungeon Family. The crew consists of Trackademicks, DJ Tap.10, Mack Whiz, 1-O.A.K., Josie Stingray, MoxMore, Spank Pops and myself. Between the 8 of us, there’s 6 MCs, 2 producers, 1 singer and 1 DJ.
In terms of our history. I’ve know MoxMore since kindergarten, and Trackademicks since the summer before high school. We all decided to rap once the three of us bonded when we were 14. Junior year of high school, we all enrolled in this non-profit program called Youth Radio, where we met Whiz and Tap. Then through Whiz or Youth Radio, 1-O.A.K., Josie Stingray and Spank Pops all got in the mix and we became family.
This is actually the HNRL’s 10 year anniversary of putting out music, so that’s why you have my new album, along with 1-O.A.K.’s new one and Spanks’ Spillions project with J-Billion. I think Track is releasing another big project this year. Plus there’s other projects we have hands in right now, from L-Deez’s Fool’s Gold Records EP, to this dope ass MC from Houston named Siddiq who’s dropping hella soon too.

Who’s on the album? Producers, make up artists, water boys and craft services, etc…
The album is pretty evenly produced by Trackademicks, 1-O.A.K. and REL. I’ve always worked w/ my HNRL brothers on the production tip, but this was the first time working with REL, and he brought so much to this album, opening it up to make th sound broader and more vibey than it had been. We’d always been super cool since the Distortion2Static days, and even before that, but it was great working together.
On the features tip, 1-O.A.K. makes a couple appearances, and he and Josie Stingray make up the only HNRL cameos. Tanya Morgan, Spree Wilson, Rob Cave (fka Spec Boogie) and DJ Lindsey round out the features. All friends for hella long, it was great finally creating with them all.
‘Espionage’ & ‘Easy For You’ are some of my favorite MB tracks from over the years. There some boom bappy hippity hoppy type shit this time around? Or do you actually want girls to listen to this album?
Yeah the goal to me has always been to adapt that classic early-mid 90’s boom bap Hip-Hop sound, but I always feel like the people trying to do that these days are always shoehorning it, so it stays back in the past sonically.
It’s about adapting all my tastes and making shit that still resonates today, and makes people know they’re hearing new slap, but that still feels familiar in its Hip-Hop essence.
But don’t get me wrong. in proper Mike Baker fashion, there’s some pannie droppers on this album and they SLAP!

Where you from fool? Where’d you go to high school? What t-shirt did you wear all the time that you didn’t throw away until you left home? Sneakers, hair style, your favorite dance?
I’m from Alameda, CA. I went to Alameda High School with Trackademicks and MoxMore where we did our best to make a name for ourselves as a rap group called Diverse Roots (pre-HNRL.)
Funny you should ask about tshirts. In high school, I had this Georgetown Hoyas tee that just had a “G” on it, and everytime we’d record our freestyle sessions, I’d always end up mentioning my “G-shirt” in my raps. It’s was just a thing, and I have no idea why.
I’ve always been an Air Max dude. 1’s, 90’s, and 97’s are my faves.
I was a Running Man type dude, with a little Roger Rabbit thrown in for good measure.

How do you feel about the current state of the Bay Area/Northern California/West Coast music industry (I know you’re in NY – curious about an outsiders perspective, and someone who moved away to a supposed bigger and better market)? Excited, inspired, sleep deprived, constipated?


I’m always inspired by the Bay Area music scene, cuz we’ve always been the most cutting edge with what we got. So many other areas take our slang and our sounds and co-opt them for the larger audiences of their regions.
Track and 1-O.A.K. stay building with the up and coming artists as well as the established ones like HBK. It’s beautiful.
Also, Hiero for having their annual festival and bringing something to the table the Bay has needed for a while – a proper ass Hip-Hop festival. It’s beautiful. And it was an honor to perform at the 1st one w/ my HNRL fam.
 (photo by Shu Daniels)
What’s your favorite pizza joint in Queens?
I live in Queens, but don’t have a favorite pizza spot there. My fave in NY is this spot called DiFara in Brooklyn where this dude has been making the pizzas by himself for the past 50 years. That’s my shit. Otherwise, I’d rather just be in the Town at Zachary’s messing up a spinach and mushroom deep dish w/ sausage. Now THAT’s my shit!
Talk about yourself, where you can be found online, what it’s like being rad, and any upcoming shows/tours your fans, new and old, should be aware of.
I’m Mike Baker the Bike Maker. I’ve been rapping since ’95, but putting out music since ’07/’08. I live a COOL ASS LIFE, and enjoy the real finer things in life like family, friends, laughing and making women feel good about themselves.
I can be found at the following places online:
It’s really awesome being rad. Everybody should be rad at least once in their lives. Once they understand how it feels, they won’t be boosie ever again.
Shows will be happening, and they’ll be showing up on my site and soundcloud as they’re announced.
HEY Y’ALL, COP THAT MIKE BAKER THE BIKE MAKER – COOL ASS LIFE LP! It proper ass summer music and will motivate you to be a better you, once you understand your potential. Plus it SLAPS!
Thanks for the opportunity to talk with y’all. It’s always great being amongst family.
Peace, PEACE!
(photo by Shu Daniels)

“You ain’t heard nuttin’ this funky!” | An interview with DJ FUZE of Digital Underground

DJ FUZE pub shot 1

1. State your stage name and its origins, your profession, & where you rep?

They call me DJ FUZE because in both my production and DJ sets, I would like to think I have the tendency to “FUZE” different styles and sounds together into a cohesive and slappin-ass p-funk approved end product. I rep the Universe, but i’m from Syracuse, New York. I moved to Oakland when I was 12, then jumped between East/North Oakland and North/South Berkeley coming up.

2. How long you been DJing for? Drop the story behind how you first got started in the game.

I got started DJing in Syracuse, in 6th grade, in the disco days, playing records at my school for our fridays afternoon disco roller skate parties — a truck would come give all the kids skates and we would roll around in circles in the gym. I had all the 45s that were out then, Chic-Good Times, Chuck Brown-Bustin Loose, GQ-Disco Nights, Sister Sledge-We Are Family/Greatest Dancer, Kiss-Detroit Rock City, The Police-Roxanne, and of course Parliament’s “Flashlight!” I also used to kill it DJing at my parents house parties with The Doobie Brothers hahaha!!

3. Thousands of questions related to your history with Digital Underground, but i’m just going to ask you one (maybe two). Are you old school, new school, R&B, or Hip-Hop?

Great question!! I would hope that i am Old School, New School, R&B, and Hip-Hop at all times simultaneously. Big up our road manager Sleuth for delivering that line with all his Poughkeepsie dripped swagger!


4. You’ve stuck to your Bay Area home over the years. Why not move to a bigger market like LA or NY? What is it that you still love about the Bay and its music scene?

I love lots of things about the Bay area, namely the weather (coming from the fucking Arctic Tundra that is Syracuse) but I have no real loyalty to any geographic area. Basically, i stayed in the Bay because i bought a spacious house here for damm near nothing in 1994, with madd off street parking and a huge yard. I would have loved to move back to New York but didn’t really want to live in a sweltering concrete closet for 3000 a month. Having said that, Oakland in particular is a fun place to DJ in that the crowds here, for the most part like the same things i do, and they are not fuckin with the whole EDM thing, which is a genre i respect production wise, but i don’t feel comfortable playing, it ain’t me at all. You GOTTA play that in most other markets or you will not work.

5. You are also a notable fan and aficionado of modern African dance music are you not? Talk to me a little bit about that.

I got into West African music during my many stays in Marseille, France, during my baller ass, partying on glass bottomed boats in the Medeterranean, eatin caviar, drinkin Cris, DU and Luniz touring days. I was always into it since then, but started dropping alot of Soukous, and Coupé Decalé, etc at Oasis on friday nights (Dancehall Reggae Night), starting in like 2002, when the African crowd began to outnumber the Caribbean crowd. I got a huge response, and it was a wrap since then. In my opinion, (save for the auto-tune on every damm vocal track ) many of the tunes and dances currently coming out of Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana presently are at the total cutting edge of everything i respect aesthetically, as far as music and dance goes. They are obliterating the game basically. I believe West African music is about to hit in the states, like dancehall did in the early 90’s. Especially the English language based stuff.


6. Dan Akroyd know any DU lyrics?

Dan Akroyd was a big DU fan, that why he put us in that movie, i got to chill with him, John Candy, and Chevy Chase. We all hung out in campers on the set and ran through deli trays all day, just talking madd shit.

7. You’ve got a gig coming up for DRE DAY OAKLAND on February 15th at The Legionnaire in Oakland. Got any gangsterrrific surprises in store?

Yeah, i’m lookin forward to the gig, i hope to dust off and drop some rare gems from the FUZE vaults, but you know i’m really all about them hits, so no big surprises, just gunna put a crate together an hr before the gig you feel me. I got 2 small kids man, every time i try and figure out my ableton live and do a sick rmx, i gotta change a diaper or cook a meal, or sing a lullaby hahahaha!!!


8. Shout outs, thank yous, big ups, peace outs, etc…

Thanks back at you, and big up TRUE & Oakland Faders every time seeeeeeen!!!

Thank you DJ Fuze for taking the time out to talk with us —

you can check out more on his antics below:

website | facebook | instagram | twitter

Lovers & Haters | An interview with George Anzaldo

unnamed (1)

“When I was initially approached to do a design for TRUE I want to use this opportunity to make a statement. A positive one at that. Like if this was my only chance I wanted to make it count. I wanted it to be a positive message that folks could relate to, so two ideas ended up playing a role in the conception of the design. At the time I was thinking a lot about how senseless gun violence was effecting the youth in San Francisco and thinking about how there are better ways to deal with things than to react with violence. Also, I wanted to speak directly to the older generation as a statement to educate the younger generation about knowing their history, and lastly, I also wanted to touch on the fact that since 2013, schools in at least 41 states in the US have stopped teaching children how to write in cursive. It’s a sad reality in a now predominately digital word that a whole generation isn’t being taught how to write in script. A lot of the hand lettering design I do now I directly link to when I learned how to write cursive in 3rd grade. It’s just mind boggling… So to bring it all together I wrote ” Teach the youth” in cursive to strike a chord that we should still be teaching our future generations a different and beautiful style of writing.”

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

1. Born and raised San Franciscan? Talk about your roots a bit.

I grew up in the Excelsior District of SF, right at Paris St and Persia St. Growing up here, i’ve seen lots of things, lost a few family members and friends in these streets, but also have had many triumphs in this city. It’s home, it holds a lot of weight in my heart and i’ll forever bleed for this city till I’m done. I love being a native San Franciscan.

“My initial inspiration for the design was using the play on words “Lovers & Haters” as a reference to how life is filled with people who love you and hate you. Also, I was trying to give a feel to how I personally feel about TRUE. Like TRUE represents “Love” and they’re “Haighters” because their SF location is on Haight St. in the city. Then I added my signature script style to give it a little flavor.”

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset 

2. Name some musical influences throughout the years that played a role in your outlook on art and teaching the youth.

I’d say I first got exposed to Hip-Hop music when I was in Middle school. Usher, Juvenile and the HotBoys were really popular on the radio at the time, but I gravitated to more underground stuff like Aesop Rock, Living Legends, Slug, Mos Def, Binary Star, Jedi Mind Tricks, Tupac, Nas, Big L, Biggie, Gangstarr and so on. I fell in love with dope lyricists. I’ve been influenced by many genres of music such as Jazz, Latin, Classical, but dope Hip-Hop always struck a chord with me. Anything that was lyrically substantial and had a slappin’ beat I liked a lot. If there would be a dope line in a rap i’d rewind the track so I could memorize and understand what they were speaking about better. Once you understand what someone is talking about in the lyrics you can better relate to the topic they’re speaking on or be able to paint a better picture in your head to what they are rapping or singing about. I think as a youth growing up, I like these types of artists because they had something profound to say in their songs. I feel like the youth of today are getting dumbed down with the music that gets played on the radio constantly. There’s no substance, there’s no knowledge, there’s nothing that a young person can get from the music on the radio today because all it talks about is money, sex, and drugs. I’m glad I learned early. I think if people took more care of what they listened to instead of just being told, and liking what’s cool at the moment and being spoon fed whatever music is being played then they would have a better musical pallet to gain knowledge from. If you have an opportunity to expose a youth to amazing music don’t hesitate. We need our future generation to be better than we were, so teach the youth! Music influences me in my daily life constantly. I love listening to music while I create art because it influences and gives me more of a creative drive while I’m working.

“I feel like the youth of today are getting dumbed down with the music that gets played on the radio constantly.”

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

3. Shout outs to your fam and colleagues!

First and for most I wanted to shout out my mother for always supporting me in everything I’ve ever done. Without her, none of this would be possible. Next I wanted to shout out TRUE for giving a city kid like me a chance to showcase my talents on their clothes, it’s been a dream come true for me to be working with y’all and to be getting interviewed, this is just the beginning fam! Shout out all my family and friends in SF and beyond, y’all know who you are, without y’all I wouldn’t have the drive that I have to keep me going, thank you! Shout out to my loving girlfriend Belle, who’s unyielding support has given me so much and I love you today, and everyday for it. And lastly, I wanted to shout out my city, my home, San Francisco. Thank you.

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

You can check out more of George’s work on his website at www.GEORGEANZALDO.com and follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @kuyageorge

DJ Dstrukt | Pineapples & Grapes | The Tape

P&G  Artwork

Sat down with South Bay wunderkind Dstrukt and asked him about this cassette tape he just put out. Yeah, you read that correctly…

1. Who are you, and why are you awesome?

You should already know, you’re the interviewer.

2. What exactly is a tape, and why on earth would you put your house on it?

Wikipedia defines a tape, audio cassette or cassette tape as a magnetic
tape recording format for audio playback. Here’s an example. And who’s to tell me what format I can put my music on? Maybe I’ll do a laserdisc release for part 2.

3. You’re a scratch DJ no? House DJs don’t scratch, do they?

People who only consider me a scratch DJ obviously haven’t taken the time
to see what I’m really about. Yea I scratch, I scratch because it puts me
ahead of your average joe. Jean-Claude Van Damme isn’t only good at
roundhouse kicking someone in the face, he’s a hell of a dancer as well.

House DJs don’t cut as much, but that doesn’t make them any less of a DJ.
House music has that groove that can’t be obtained by any other genre. Same
with scratching, it’s technical and not a lot of folks can do it. Limiting
yourself will only show how close-minded you are as a DJ.

I never said I was a house DJ/prodcuer nor do I create just because
“nobody’s makin shit like this” or “it’s different”. I do it because
because I simply enjoy it. With this project in particular, Raichous (rrs
feed) was responsible for sparking the ideas. Thanks Rach! The influence
that she has on house really inspired me to step into a world of the
unknown, that I did. Once I really got to dive into it, I started to
recreate them in my head, which lead to remixing on Ableton. I don’t throw
an acapella over a beat and call it a remix like some folks, I do more
because I care more!

4. You have a purple tape. Do you use grapes?

No I don’t smoke weed if that’s what you’re asking me. Shout outs to Nump
for popularizing the word “grapes”, but this project has nothing to do with
pot music.

5. BVMO rules. So does Acrylick. Speak on the marriage.

BVMO consist of 4 like-minded folks that are comedians before musicians.
Those folks are Rcade, Smoovgroovs, Sheabutter and myelf. My brothers are
the type to take your lunch money, buy a midi keyboard and make a beat
containing DMX’s rendition of Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer. Random, but

Acrylick Clothing has been there every step of the way, ever since 2004 when I moved to Long Beach. You could call them my immediate family. I’ve djed multiple events with them, including Rock the Bells, and always continued to push the brand no matter where I was.

6. There a message in the music?

Yes there is, just listen to it.

7. Ever thought about making some Freestyle music and putting it on an 8-track?

Already did. Cop it HERE

8. Pineapple juice and vodka or Hennessy and grape drink?

None, vodka tonic.

9. Who’s your peoples? Tell ’em hello.

“What’s up guys!”

10. Social media is fun. Do you use it? Where do you use it? Where can people see you use it?

@DjDstrukt all around, I use social media the most when I’m driving 95
mph on the 101 during a heavy rain storm.


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