Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” x True x The Pork Store

You might be wondering what a shoe boutique on Haight street and its next door neighbor, a breakfast diner have in common. Throw in a highly anticipated Nike Air Max 90 re-release on Air Max day and the plot thickens.

Let’s just get right to the juicy bits . . . of bacon. That’s right, bacon. For sneakerheads, the early 2000s might come to mind—think back. Anyway, fast forward to present day and this re-release resembles the layers of fat on a slab of pork belly with its vibrant combo of colors: red, brown and pink. This is your (second) chance to get your hands on the buttery leather and soft suede of this limited sneaker.

After a hellish year globally, we all need something to celebrate. Cue Air Max Day where a little history, some good friends, and a great sneaker take the spotlight.

True, a long time SF Bay Area boutique, and The Pork Store, a long-standing breakfast institution, decided to team up to celebrate the highly-anticipated re-release of the Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” along with a great cause. Both located on the infamous Haight street, the businesses are long-time neighbors and friends. How are they pairing up, who are they donating to, and the real question, how do you get the shoes?

First, why the Pork Store? With a long history that dates back to 1914, the Pork Store was originally called The Haight Street Pork Store Sausage Manufacturer (that’s a mouthful). And in 1925, a trademark sign was created and placed above the entrance using stained glass imported from Italy. The grandson of the original proprietors took over the business until the early ‘40s. After a few venue changes (Vic’s coffee shop, Raffi’s Mid-Eastern Food, a hair salon), the Pork Store was resurrected in 1979 to its original name, with a focus on breakfast.

The Pork Store’s unique sign —still intact from way back when — is just as special as its menu items. Known for its consistent breakfast classics, such as eggs and hashbrowns, pancakes, and biscuits and gravy, the diner is a mainstay for many locals and tourists alike. The real hero though, is its signature dish, the Pork Store Special: two pork chops served with eggs any style. And that’s where the minds collide.

So you can imagine, with all of that history under its belt, anything created by the Pork Store, helmed by resident experts Nadia and Servando, will be screaming with flavor. Well, here’s your chance to find out. The Pork Store and True created a special, limited-edition menu item: Ain’t No Fakin’ Bacon Animal Fries. It consists of french fries topped with bacon, cheddar, onions, a secret sauce — and access to the wearable “Bacon”.page1image36372672

Visit the Pork Store at 1451 Haight Street from March 17 – March 23 and order the Ain’t No Fakin Bacon Animal Fries to receive a confirmation good for reserving one pair of the Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon”, plus an exclusive gift you can only get at True.

The best part, besides having a dope pair of sneakers with a slice of history, is that a portion of the profits from your animal fries purchase will be donated to Third Parent Family and Youth Services, a community organization that assists in feeding families in need.

And there you have it. Get yourself a snack, make a difference in someone’s life, and guarantee your spot for a pair of worth-the-hype Nikes — all on Air Max Day.

Consider it a new way of bringing home the bacon.

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