Back in 2011 True went up in flames. The two-alarm fire claimed the shop itself, a lot of merchandise, as well as a lot of memories. Out of the ash and rubble, a few of those memories survived.

Lupe Fiasco has a new album out called Drogas WAVE. The guy is still in rare form. Now a veteran of over a decade, this man who I personally consider one of the most dense and replayable writers in the genre, was just a rookie when he walked through our doors. He was part of a new guard that would lay down the foundation that this generation walks on. Streetwear as a culture found a mascot in him among others, as well as the aethetic of Blackness offset with skateboarding and anime. We may forget, but what is mainstream and accepted now was alternative and weird then. As the streetwear scene grew legs and the shop established itself as a mecca for the culture in the city, it comes as no surprise the man would breeze in. He was a little awkward. But having listened to him verse by verse this past decade, I’m surprised he was even human. The new tape is getting much burn out of me. Might just go back and bump the old shit too.

Since it opened in ’96, the shop and Hip Hop have had a close and thorough relationship with one another. This is a beacon of small business in SF and somehow someway it survived a lot, including both a gutting of everything we know and associate with the city as well as the literal elements. In dedication to this idea of small business, perseverance, and lasting memories, I’ve got 42 polaroids in the chamber and 42 stories attached to them. Stay tuned for more surprises.

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