Ant-One | The Interview

State your stage name and profession for the record.

DJ ANT-ONE. DJ/Producer. Representing the Ri$ky Bizne$$ crew, Krazy Kids Radio and the San Francisco Bay Area.

How long have you been DJing? Do you remember your first DJ gig?

Wow! I just thought bout it… 20 years. Holy! Wtf! That is a very long time. Geez… I started DJing in the Summer of 97. I can’t really recall my first gig, but I do remember when ANT-ONE was created though. I think it was like 1999 or 2000 and I entered my first Zebra battle in Lower Haight. I didn’t know what name to enter as and my friends who I was with at the time told me to “just add a “1” to the end of your name. Fuck it. Hella DJ do it.” So I wrote “ANTONE” on the sign up sheet and I remember talking to myself like “Fuck. It sounds like “Ant TONE” wtf”. I always wanted to change my dj name too, but never got to it. It just kind of stuck. What a shame. But I guess at the same time, my DJ name has some sort of significance attached to it today. Like I guess you can tell from a name like that, I probably came from the 90s. Like DJ names in this era has totally went away from that aesthetic with names like I dunno “DJ Email InBox” or “DJ Ice Coffee” or something like that.

My first club gig tho was “Sno-Drift” when I was 17, which is now some kind of UCSF building on 3rd and Mariposa, 2 blocks away from the future home of the Warriors.

What’s your favorite DJ era in the Bay Area and why?

1997, 1998, 1999. Those years left a deep impression on me, plus Bay Area DJs were just f*cking straight killing it worldwide at the time. In my opinion, it was a DJ Mecca during those years. My Mentors were the “Supernatural Turntable Artists” and in those years, they went in hard! Seeing them battle in DMC, ITF and Vestax was a major influence to me. Like they battled and knew the other legendary DJs I also looked up to like Craze, A-trak, Babu, etc. Sh*t. I can talk about just ‘STA’ shit for days, but we can save that for a different story. I guess one last thing to add was that era was all about buying DJ VHS tapes. I would cop those at Ultra Soundz in San Bruno and Ameoba in Frisco. Probably the best DJ VHS tape ever assembled was the “ISP vs X-men” tape, where you saw the X-Men of New York rock some memorable routines and then see ISP do their legendary team routine “clamz of death”. And remember, it was very ‘East Coast vs. West Coast’ times and to see some West Coast cats killing it in New York, getting hella crowd love in hostile territory…I mean what Bay Area Filipino Hip Hop Kid would not get influenced by that? Plus “Turntable TV” tapes started coming out during those years too, which featured a lot of the turntablist culture worldwide. And again, that sh*t is hella bay and again, holy sh*t, that was 20 years ago. Yikes!

You’re on stage in front of all your DJ heroes and you gotta rock a 10 minute set to prove your worthiness. What songs do you choose?

Interesting question. I don’t think I would go for specific songs to impress them. I think the respect I get from OGs is that I know what’s up, like on some “to break the rules, you gotta know the rules” type of sh*t. Like I know what I like personally in music, which is probably some f*cked up rap, classic soul, funk, rock, psychedelic, indie, etc. etc. But I’m from the school of “knowing your crowd” and being risky by breaking records. I feel that is what my style is all about when playing out anyways. So like I’d probably play some new sh*t I’m into, have that glued together with choice classics to uphold their trust and since they are my heroes, I would have to flex on some tricks, be clean and make sure the cuts are on point.

Krazy Kids Radio has undoubtedly become an institution. Talk about the history and influence y’all have had and what it means to be a part of such an important collective in Bay Area DJ history.

Damn! Institution! How flattering! Thanks man!… Krazy Kids Radio has just turned 10 years old! It was birthed from YouthRadio in Oakland, a non profit teaching kids production, media, journalism and more. Ben Frost, the music director of YouthRadio, offered my crew mate, Ruby Red I, an opportunity to do a online radio show from their facility and I guess the rest is history. I do have radio influences but they come from more of the sports radio side. I love Jon Miller of the Giants and Ray Woodson of KNBR. I think those guys are all about being clear, concise, funny, empathetic and the ability to paint a picture through their voice. But a direct influence on how we do our show? I would say no. Like I don’t think there was blueprint in doing a hip hop dj centric podcast. I felt we kind of just winged it all the way up to this point. The obvious magic of the show is that we do themed mixes and to me, Krazy Kids Radio was my outlet to show my range, an outlet to play the music I typically can’t play out at some kind of club or party. And thinking of creative themes all the time is a challenge which is most likely why I’ve stuck it out for so long. I love our audience and the challenge. Not too sure about taking the ‘important collective in Bay Area DJ history’ label just yet. I feel we still have more work to do. At the end of the day, this crew are my friends. I grew up with these folks and experienced so much with. Just being apart of those friendships outside of this is something that means a lot to me.

“At the end of the day, this crew are my friends. I grew up with these folks and experienced so much with. Just being apart of those friendships outside of this is something that means a lot to me.”

Favorite burrito joint?

As of right now, Bayshore Taqueria since I have been going there a lot as of late.

Curry or Kobe?


What’s one of your favorite places to go unplug and unwind on the West Coast?


What’s a current favorite album you’re listening to that you think you’ll still be listening to 10 years from now and why?

I like this new Tyler that came out a month ago. It’s smooth, jazzy and soulful. That sh*t never gets played to me. I’d probably bump 10 years from now.

Drop some shout outs and where folks can find you on social media.

Shout out to the RI$KY BIZNE$$ CREW, KRAZY KIDS RADIO, mi familia, The Native American Spiritual Wellness Center, Handsome Oxford, Hookt Donuts, Tokyo and TRUE!!!

twitter/soundcloud: @antrbc
ig: @antuno
snapchat: @antonio-uno

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