Vinroc | The Interview


State your stage name and profession for the record.

DJ Vinroc,  Soundwave Communication Specialist

How long have you been DJing? Do you remember your first DJ gig?

It will be 30 years next year. I did a classmates 6th grade party with one strobe light, one turntable and a crate of records. Of course the promoter/mom stiffed me.

What’s your favorite DJ era in the Bay Area and why?

Right now is amazing. So much talent and the technology is enabling some brilliant music. I mean live remixing and sequencing has diversified talented artists and DJs to do amazing things. We had to do that manually before with just 2 tracks (left turntable/right turntable). Archaic now that I think about it.

You’re on stage in front of all your heroes and you gotta rock a 5 minute all vinyl set to prove your worthiness. What records do you choose?

My heroes would not be impressed by me no matter what records I played. But they’d likely take some shots with me at the bar because of my warm personality.

The Triple Threat DJs have undoubtedly become an institution. Talk about the history and influence y’all have had and what it means to be a part of such an important collective in Bay Area DJ history.

I’m told we’ve had an Influence but I have never really felt personally that I was a major influence. Perhaps the idea of balance between keeping the crowd moving and hard-core turntablism was something that was inevitably going to have to evolve. I don’t know if I can take credit for that as there were other groups out there doing that in their own ways. I do know I’m blessed to have some really talented peers who thought I had what it took to build an idea, a philosophy with them.

Favorite burrito joint?

Papalote of course.

Curry or Kobe?

I prefer Tikka Masala and I don’t eat beef.

What’s one of your favorite places to go unplug and unwind on the West Coast?

Monterey /Carmel area is amazing. I might head to Santa Barbara soon as I’ve only been through there DJing in the past. Time to be a tourista.

“Right now is amazing. So much talent and the technology is enabling some brilliant music.”

What’s a current favorite album you’re listening to now that you think you’ll still be listening to 10 years from now?

It’s a singles based industry just like it was in the 50s. There is rarely a classic album you can listen through now. And since playlists are so brilliantly easy to make now I imagine the future would have me listening to music in that format. So I imagine I’d pull up a playlist from a certain time to remind me of that time a decade ago. Even now I have a playlist I know I built in 2006 of some fave tunes.

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