Jern Eye | Authentic Vintage 10 Year Anniversary


Released on November 7th 2006 on NatAural High Records/Koch Ent, Authentic Vintage is my debut solo album. Originally intended for a second Lunar Heights album, I produced a majority of the beats on my MPC 60. At the time the texture and sound I was producing were a bit low-fi for what my group wanted, so I took my beats and started writing to it. With the help of my engineer Phil Jahns, we took this low-fi sound and brought out it’s dynamics using vintage compressors, plug-ins, and guitar pedals. Hence Authentic Vintage. At the time I really wanted to showcase my songwriting ability, so we kept the features limited to my crew Lunar Heights, and Noelle Scaggs (Fitz and The Tantrums). With the help of some good friends, DJ Vinroc, D’Nae, and Nick Andre rounded off the album with a few beats and the rest is history.


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